The Strobels

Wedding gift for Kristin and Garrett Strobel.


The Strobels

For Kristin & Garrett

A collection of images created for a friend around how her and her beau met, fell in love, moved, got engaged and married earlier this year. The basic idea was to take the way each milestone happened, illustrate it, choose a whimsical font, and lastly and most importantly, incorporate a heart into each one — which was easier for some than others.



They met when because Kristin was Garrett’s piano teacher while they were both living in Delray Beach.


Fell in Love

Kristin went to Japan for school and Garret surprise visited her. They fell in love while riding around the beautiful city of Kyoto.


Moved Together

Together the couple moved to Boston for better work opportunities.


Got Engaged

The couple took a trip to Paris where Garrett surprised Kristin with an engagement and part of it was interlocking separate locks around the same piece of a bridge.



They were married in Delray and used these illustrations in their guest book and had everyone sign in and around the illustrations and photos.